Small World is an innovative, Reggio-inspired Playgroup & Preschool for 2-8 yr olds

Welcome to a world for the small in which everything appeals to the awesome creativity and natural curiosity of the child: mud-pie kitchens, fairy forests, paint, treehouses, secret paths, colours, music, madhatters tea parties… just to start. We have our own Art Ateliers (art studio) as well as a Food Atelier where children can wander in and explore the languages of art and food for themselves in a joyful, unhurried way.

Welcome to a world with a close-knit group who treat each other like family. Parents feel part of something special, a growing, diverse community which has the best interests of each other and its children at heart.

It’s a small world after all!


Our Reggio Emilia-inspired Approach

Child-centred curriculum

This is an approach to the education of young children based on the belief that children themselves should be given a voice in the direction and content of their learning, in order to ensure that they find their learning meaningful and joyful.

Enticing environment

Children’s intellectual curiosity should always be rewarded with an inspiring environment pregnant with possibilities for wonder and rich in materials to explore, discover, and to theorise, and to express themselves in as many ways as possible. The school environment is seen as the ‘third teacher’ and is teaching the child even when the teachers are not.

Multiple Intelligences

The child has “a hundred languages” through which they can express themselves and their ideas including words, drawing, numbers, dance, painting, building, sculpture, shadow play, pretend play, collage, drama, music and more. Every child has the capacity and the right to learn using many different languages.

Relationship matters

At the heart of our philosophy is the belief that the relationships which are built between the child and the educator, between the child and the world, and between the child and other children, and between the parent and educator, are essential to the process of learning. There are no “anonymous moments” in our day. The child is seen, and heard, and listened to with our whole hearts.

Power of Documentation

When we tune in to a child, we are listening for their thought process. We document this learning process through photographs, transcripts, visual representations and sound recordings. We then share these Learning moments with the child’s family via our closed Facebook group or on our private Storybook App, and invite dialogue about this area of interest. The wealth of documentation we gather forms a much richer holistic picture of the child.

Our wish for your child

To facilitate and encourage self discovery; to provide an inspiring environment; to create an ethos of community and family values; to welcome diversity; to demonstrate our respect for children; to explore children’s theories through a multi-modal, inquiry-based approach that is realistic, hands-on, and full of authentic experiences; to give children time to wonder, theorise, discover and re-develop their understandings of the world; to co-create a culture of warmth and inclusion; to foster a passion for our city and our country.


From 2 years old (24 months) to 8 years old

Unicorn Class

2 yrs

Aimee Pahad
Pinky Dlamini (co-teacher)

Sun I Langa Class

3-4 yrs

Nancy Zvouma
Lynette Zimunya (co-teacher)

The Rainbow Class

4-5 yrs

Amy Kay
Louisah Legadima (co-teacher)

The Strong Class

Gr R, Gr 1 & Gr 2

Thulani Sibeko
Jarred Parenzee (STEM atelierista)

“Learning and teaching should not stand on opposite banks and just watch the river flow by; instead, they should embark together on a journey down the water. Through an active, reciprocal exchange, teaching can strengthen learning how to learn.”
Loris Malaguzzi

Foundation Phase

A small school offering a Reggio-inspired Education aligned to the CAPS Curriculum for Grade R to 3

What we offer

  • Weekly Forest School
  • Singapore Maths
  • A homely environment offering small classes and expert teachers with B.Ed Foundation Phase training​
  • Art and STEM included in the fees, as well as a daily home-cooked vegetarian meal
  • One-on-one assistance in a small class
  • Four Terms as per private school terms
  • A nurturing environment which allows each learner to reach their full potential​
  • 7.45am – 13.00pm
  • Aftercare, extramurals and holiday care available

Every day…

Daily Goal

We want to have fun and make friends, to live, to love, to laugh and, through all of this, to learn with teachers who care. It`s a wonderful opportunity for young children to be able to socialize with one another, to take part in creative activities such as sand and mud play, water play, dough play, ball skills and music. To listen to stories and acquire a love of books, to learn rhymes, songs, to play dress-up and engage in the many invitations to play in our Atelier (art studio).


We have an inquiry-led project-based curriculum at Small World generated by the natural interests and curiosities of the children as we observe them in play. We then prepare the environment and plan related activities (called Provocations), to deepen learning about these interests. We respect the uniqueness of each child, listen for what makes them tick, observe what makes their eyes light up. We document these moments of quickening, and the build curriculum around these inquiries.

The Flow of the Day

07:45am – 08:15am DROP OFF and hand washing: for PLAYGROUP (2 – 4 years)
08:00am – 08:30am DROP OFF and hand washing: for PRESCHOOL (4 – 6 years)

09:00am CHOICE PLAY: Morning assembly on the stoep to introduce the play provocations we have set up, then children choose to explore the Playroom, Faraway Tree, Story Library, Stem Atelier, The Atelier, Food Lab, or garden.

09:00 IZITHELO / Fruti-Tuti: children help themselves to fresh fruit and veg if they feel peckish.

POP UP STORY: Somewhere in the garden a story pops up, which children can choose to join or not. It sometimes includes puppets or veld storyboards.

09:45 Washing hands ritual, all drink water, 5 mins Brain Gym.

10:00 CLASS RING TIMES: inquiry-led music, dance, drama, sing-song, baking, meditation, or storytelling.

10:30 SNACK TIME in the fairy forest: sit down together for a home-cooked shared meal and reflect on what we have been busy with and what’s news in our lives.

10:40 Wee and wash/nappy changing

10:45 OUTDOOR PLAY: jungle gym, sand pit, bikes, obstacle courses, treasure hunts, chasing bubbles, trampoline, gardening, water play, cooking, art-making.

11:15 CLASS ART-MAKING: focusing on one particular skill like painting, drawing, pasting, clay, wirework, collage.

11:45 CLASS STORYTIME: reading with the Story Time Parrot.

12:00 Pick-up time PLAYGROUP
12:30 Pick-up time PRESCHOOL

Slow Food

Our mid-morning meals are included in the fees

It’s snack time down in the Fairy Forest. The children set the table and decorate it with leaves and flowers they have collected. We sit down as a family would. We hold hands and sing blessings on our meal. We chat about our news, talk about the projects we are busy with. Check in with each other. We eat the delicious food prepared for us by our wonderful chef Patience. We munch, mindfully.

We sometimes get a crate of fresh fruits and vegetables delivered each week of the growing season. We also make food together in the Food Atelier, good food like pumpkin bread, whole-wheat pizzas and apple-pear smoothies. Throughout the year, we have been pottering about in our organic veggie garden and composting projects. The children delight in taking part in their food’s preparation – from seed to table! And then… on Happy Fridays, we bake scones or muffins or cookies and all sit down to a Madhatter’s Tea Party in celebration of another week spent together.

Our Menu

Park School

Once a week, the Preschool children go across to the Botanical Gardens for Park School.  Our work in the Park extends our work at school, and draws inspiration from Reggio Emilia and Danish forest nurseries.


We are committed to creating a warm welcoming space for all.  We love and thrive on diversity. We aim to be a slice-of-life school that serves the needs of every child, no matter what race, colour or cree.  We also aim to be a full-service school for children with disabilities.


Our vision is to be a fully bilingual school where our whole community communicates in Zulu and English interchangeably. In true Reggio spirit we learn through the joy of play; exploring the language of IsiZulu through songs, games, stories and reading stories all in IsiZulu.

Small World’s


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A journey of discovery with your child

Seedlings Infant – Toddler Program 2022

WHO: UNDER 2’s and their loved ones
Every Thursday 2pm – 4pm
WHERE: Small World School
COST: R2400 per term

Seedlings will be back in October this year.
Our Seedlings sessions are starting up again in Term 4.

This is a Reggio-inspired Playgroup for under 2s run weekly at Small World during the afternoon.
It’s a chance for parents/caregivers to spend an afternoon together with their little ones, make some art, have a music lesson, learn about the Reggio Approach, meet other families, get familiar with the Small World space, and share a meal together.

Thursdays from 2-4 pm. 

Seedlings will take place in the Playgroup playroom, atelier and playground and then end with a lovely shared meal in the Friendship Forest.

Seedlings will be run by Lindi Bell and Louisah Legadima. 

If you have a 0-2 yr old and you’re interested, pls get in touch with Rai to book at

Cost per term is: R2400

Spaces are limited to 15.

Email Enquiry