Important things you need to know for Term 3:

Drop off:

SIBLINGS may arrive together around 8:30am

Complete the form before arriving:


  • All adults to wear masks.
  • Children do not have to wear masks.
  • Your child’s temperature will be taken with our thermoscanner and recorded at the gate.
  • After your child’s temperature has been taken, please say goodbye. Your child’s teacher will be at he gate to greet them.
  • No parents may enter the school premises.
  • Please adhere to social distancing should you arrive at the school gate when another child is being dropped off and going through entry procedure.

When your child should stay at home:

  • Temperature in the last 48 hours
  • Diarrhea
  • Cough
  • Sore throat
  • Shortness of breath
  • Feeling weak or tired
  • Loss of taste or smell
  • A family member has tested positive in the last 14 days

If a child shows symptoms/temp is more than 37.5C on arrival at school they will be asked to go home; and if a child shows symptoms during the day, they will be isolated from the other children in our sick bay with a mask on to protect the teacher standing by, and you will be contacted to collect your child immediately.

NOTE: Teachers are also being screened daily with temperature checks throughout the day.

What to pack in the school bag:

  • 2 full changes of warm clothes (2 x bottoms, 2 x tops, 2 x socks, and a jacket in addition to the one they are wearing).
  • If your child is in nappies, pack 2 x nappies per day for the week in an extra shopper bag with your child’s name on it. In other words, if you child is attending 3 days per week, pack 6 nappies in a marked shopper bag. 4.
  • If your child is potty training, pack lots of extra bottoms for the week in a marked shopper bag.
  • Pack a marked cloth mask in case your child starts to show symptoms during the morning so it can be worn while waiting for you to come pick them up.
  • NO toys/dummies/water bottles/fruity tooty to be brought from home.

FURTHER DETAILS: Our Term 3 protocol document covers further items such as:

  • Further details on drop off and pick up protocols
  • School cleaning protocols
  • Emotional support for children at school
  • Emotional support for parents
  • Emotional support for staff
  • Term 3 Supplies

Click here to read the official ECD Standard Operating Procedures.