No child can happily come to school if they feel lost in the woods. No child can learn when they are floating. And the brain is social… it develops better in concert with other brains. There is no learning without relationship. Warm connections will be made, with the teachers, the materials, to the space and of course, to the playmates of Small World, in order for the child to thrive. This is not a drop-and-go school. And parents, you are the chief bridge-builders. You bring your child into relationship with the world in a positive way.

Our school is a place of vitality, life and energy. We aim to create a place where people can speak freely, exchange ideas, to be in dialogue with each other. Communicating is essential and delicious, and we have created many ways to plug in. Participation is a right. and a response-ability. And this school is highly responsive. It has literally been born to of the ideas, needs of the community it serves. So… Add ideas. Add research. Add questions. Add your take on things. Drop us a line by email every now and then, use the Small World facebook page (closed group), stay a while for coffee in the mornings, or request a meeting time after school, just to touch base. We also encourage you to share your skills and talents with us.  Add books, pictures, music your child loves, theme items, found objects of interest for us to share. These often provide great learning opportunities and spark curiosity in the children.

Who knows what passions it might spark in a child.

There is a word they use in Reggio Emilia called “accoglienza”. In Italian, this means more than just to welcome someone, but to embrace another person wholeheartedly, and warmly involve them as an important part of your circle. In Africa, we take it one step further by not only welcoming the other, but recognising that it is through others that we become ourselves. The Zulu word for this is Ubuntu, and it is in our DNA.

“We have much to do together.
Let us do it in wisdom and love and joy.
Let us make this the human experience.”

– Gary Zukav



We are committed to creating a warm welcoming space for all.  We love and thrive on diversity. We aim to be a slice-of-life school that serves the needs of every child, no matter what race, colour or cree.  We also aim to be a full-service school for children with disabilities.

Let’s have a cup of tea, we would love to meet you and show you around our Small World.